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January 3 in Northern California, my camellia is blooming.

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I spent all day yesterday at the ID card section at the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio of Monterey.  I needed to renew my dependent ID card, which had expired in September.  While trying to get a visitor's pass for the base I found I did not have a valid insurance card for the car (it had expired the previous day).
They did let me on base and I did get a new ID card after waiting 5 hours (note to self: next time make an appointment; don't try the walk-in method).  It's 100 miles to Monterey, so I did not want to have to come back another day.

Today went more smoothly.  I called USAA and got new insurance cards (apparently mine were lost in the mail, but the premium had been paid and I actually did have insurance).  I sealed the new grout on the bathroom floor, pruned the roses and took down the outside Christmas lights.

Maybe now I can do a little writing.  I need to create something longer than a drabble.

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Another psychedelic holiday photo.  Have a groovy New Year everyone.

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In honor of the holiday season, here is a picture I took up at Reno last week when I went up to monitor a study.  This is Virginia Lake, which is near the Peppermill casino.  The lake is popular with ducks and geese, as you can see.
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My father and sister (and family) experienced 30+ hours with no power yesterday and this morning due to the big ice storm that hit New England.  My father's house was down to 45 degrees inside, which is actually not too bad considering that it was in the teens outside.  My sister has a generator, so they were able to run the furnace periodically, keeping the house in the low 60s.  But would my father stay at my sister's house?  No, he had to go back home last night to sleep in his recliner, fully dressed with coat , under 4 blankets.  He is a stubborn ol' fart (he'll be 82 in a few more days).  The power came back on at 11 am. 

I don't think the utility workers get nearly enough credit.  They were outside all night, working on the lines in intense cold to get the power back.  So, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! to all the people who worked so hard;  you saved people's lives out there.

In California news; this morning I saw Santa driving down the street in a blue sportscar with the top down.
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Happy, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] samantha_vimes 

May your path be smooth.
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My neighbor across the street has an inflatable among his Christmas lights.  Every night at 5:27 you will find me at my kitchen window, waiting.  The lights come on, and slowly, regally, the polar bear rises.  He has a (geographically impossible) penguin under one arm.  As he straightens, his other arm reaches for the sky, waving hello to passers-by.  It is funny every...single...time.  I wish I had a camcorder; I would put it on YouTube.
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Yay!  The expresso machine at work is fixed!  It has been broken for a week and I have had to subsist on regular coffee.  Now I can go back to double lattes with 1% milk.
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 I won third place (an AMC gift certificate) for my Queen of Pathology costume at work today.  Note the microscope around my neck and the skeleton perched on my head.  I had to wear my Christmas Uggs because I ran a suitcase over my left little toe and I can't wear shoes yet.  This was our last Halloween, as the site will surely be closed by next Halloween.  
Look here )

Potter Quiz

Oct. 7th, 2008 10:35 pm
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You Scored as Severus Snape

You are Severus Snape. You are solitary, subtle, and secretive. Very few people truly know you. You do not give your loyalty easily. It is difficult for people to analyze you, for you refuse to betray your inner feelings.

Severus Snape
Percy Weasley
Hermione Granger
Neville Longbottom
Remus Lupin
Draco Malfoy
Albus Dumbledore
Ron Weasley
Luna Lovegood
Bellatrix Lestrange
Oliver Wood
Harry Potter
Lord Voldemort
Sirius Black


Squee! I am Severus Snape (hmmm, is this good or not?)
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lookie here )Squeee!   *flails like a Kermitty thing*

The kitchen is finished.  I helped Mr. Macabee put up the blinds today.  Tomorrow I will put the knick-knacks back on the windowsill, just about 3 months from the day I took them down before demolition.
Next up....the second bathroom.

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Have you ever gotten a catalog in the mail and seen something and said to yourself, "I just got to have that" even though you know it is silly.

Well, here is one of those things.  Fluffy is not included; I  already had Fluffy. :-)

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Look here. )

My grandniece had a birthday party yesterday.  Even at two she knows what is important.  Chocolate is important...and ice cream.

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Big meeting was today and the results are as good as can be expected. 
Layoffs will not happen before the end of the year and most people will still have jobs at least until next June. 
The severance package is generous and health insurance will be continued as long as your severance lasts. 
Even people with less than a year at the company will get 6 months severance.
It could have been so much worse.
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It's September.  How did that happen?  Time to take down the summer flowers wreaths off the front door and put up the autumn leaves wreaths.  Time to start thinking about Halloween.
Time for the big meeting telling us more about the shutdown.
We shall see what the powers-that-be have to say.
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 I'm back!  I was bothered by a GI problem while I was in NH, but that didn't stop me from getting in some quality time with my dad and my sister.  Deb took me to see "The Producers" at Ogunquit Playhouse as a birthday present.  Great show, with original costumes from the Broadway show.
I have had 4 more days of vacation since I got back but tomorrow it is back to work.  Uggh.
Here is a photo from Creek Farm, in Portsmouth, NH.  It is an old estate that was donated to the public after the death of the owner.  The old lion is slowly dissolving.  I think he is quite charming.
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We got an email from the site head on Friday.  We will hear about transition dates, retention plans and the severance packages in September.  Until then we are to be good little workers and keep our minds on our tasks and our eyes on the prize.   *Cue inspiring music*
I am going to NH on Tuesday for a week to visit with family, and to heck with work. 
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Painting was done on Friday.  My first color choice was 'Calypso Orange' which on the chip appeared to be a deep red-orange.  When I saw it in the can it was ORANGE!!!!!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!!  See the Tang container on the drainboard?  It was that orange.  So I said no.  We chose another color, 'Yellow Marigold', which to me looks like mango.  It is bold, but not overwhelming and I thinks it works quite well.
All that remains are the blinds and the lighting fixtures.

See... )
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 OK, how is this for cheesy?   I get to work Monday at 7 am, my usual time.  I log on to the computer and open my email.  I find a message from upper management which announces the buy-out of another company.  In the second paragraph of said email is the information that they are closing the branch of the company where I work.
Dumped by email!
The day continued to get better.  I attended a senior managers' meeting where the global head of research talked all about what is happening to the science divisions (transferred to other sites), but says nothing about the service groups (of which I am part).  At the end someone asks the question about us and he says "talk to your global leader".  So we call our global leader.  He has no idea what is going to happen to us because he was only informed the previous day.  Wouldn't that fill you with happy fuzzy feelings?
We were told to focus on our work (yeah right) and they would be back in 4-6 WEEKS to give us more information.
For me it is not so bad.  The severance plan is good.  With 17 years of service I qualify for 11.5 months of pay, with my health insurance continuing for that time period.  This would carry me close to my planned retirement date anyway.  But not many people are in my boat.  This is devastating news for them and they have to decide (without much information) on whether to grab another job now or wait it out.
Such is life in the corporate jungle.
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